Jean Le Fevre

A Knight Templar


Strength3 Charisma3 Perception3
Dexterity (Feline Grace)4 Manipulation2 Intelligence2
Stamina3 Appearance2 Wits2

Alertness2 Animal Ken1 Academics1
Athletics3 Etiquette1 Politics2
Brawl3 Melee (French Style)4 Theology2
Expression2 Ride2
Intimidation3 Survival1
LANGUAGESFrench 3, Latin 1, Greek 1, English 1

Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Celerity4 Generation7th Conscience3
Potence2 Mentor2 Self-Control3
Presence1 Courage4

Road of Humanity


Blood Pool
20 / 4 per round

Early Riser – 1 point

Flaws Cannot embrace5 point flaw Demon Hounded1 point flaw Prey exclusion = Priests1 point flaw



Jean Le Fevre, the second son of a hedge knight, was born in the village of Languedoc. His Father, a zealous Christian, answered the call of Pope Eugene III and followed his King, Louis VII of France, into the holy lands for the Second Crusade. His father returned to France a changed and violent man. Jean’s mother died in childbirth along with his unborn sister. Though his father usually left the boys to fend for themselves, as he was always in the service of one lord or another, when he was home he taught the boys the only trade he knew: the sword. His brutal stories and even more brutal lessons affected his two sons differently. Henri, Jean’s elder brother, fled to a local monastery. Jean embraced his Father’s teachings but as soon as he was old enough Jean offered himself to The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, aka the Order of the Knights Templar, to escape his Father’s abuse. He soon learned his Father had gained some recognition in the Second Crusade and as a result he was granted the position of page to Lord Claude D’Anjou. At age 15 he was squired to the same.

Jean’s zeal as well as his ferocity in the yard quickly earned him a reputation. Though extremely skilled with the sword, it was this same reputation that prevented Lord D’Anjou from allowing Jean to join him in battle, feeling that his anger would cloud his judgment. Thus, Jean was not tested in battle until the age of 20 when Lord D’Anjou felt Jean had gained better control of himself and could conduct himself in a manner befitting a knight. Having fought valiantly and with the blessing of Lord D’Anjou, Jean was stationed in the Preceptory of Constantinople to be ordained and knighted as a Templar and to guard the pilgrim road.

Jean Le Fevre

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