Strength00 Charisma00 Perception0000 [Keen Sense of Hearing]
Dexterity000 Manipulation000 Intelligence000
Stamina000 Appearance Wits000

Alertness000 Animal Ken000 Academics0
Athletics000 Crafts0 Investigation0
Brawl00 Ride00
Intimidation0 Stealth0000 [Silent Movement}
Legerdemain00 Survival000

Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Animalism0 Mentor000 Conviction000
Obfuscate000 Generation000 Instinct0000
Potence0 Courage000

Road of The Beast
00000 00

00000 00

00000 0

Merits and Flaws
Sleep Unseen

You can use the Obfuscate Discipline to hide while you sleep during the day. Such prolonged use of this ability requires an extra blood point to keep your body hidden for a full day. Of course, you must at least be hidden from sunlight, and vampires using the Auspex Discipline can still detect you, but mortals will ignore your very presence. This is a useful Merit for Nosferatu emissaries and travelers; many would perish without it.

Latin0 French00 Greek000 Persian0

A leper since the tender age of five, Sidika has floated from place to place for her whole life, stealing or begging as necessary for food or scraps of clothing. She was ritually buried by her parish priest and her family once she contracted leprosy and then left for dead by them. This gives her a very warped sense of reality, and also of already being dead before the Embrace. She eventually wandered to the leper colony of St. Lazarus, where she was well-fed and cared for for the first time since she was a small child. It was no wonder that when the Embrace came, she felt she could trust the only person who had ever given her the almost parental support she needed, and she shed the disease willingly and gladly, even though she kept the disfigurement and worse. Her moral code is definitely lacking. Whatever it takes to survive is what matters. Nothing else does.


Blood pool of 14

Initiative = 12B

Bandolier of 10 throwing daggers (Str damage) – 15 yards
Light armour – absorbs 1 bashing and 2 lethal damage


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