The Clans

The High Clans:
Amari – Rulers and statesmen, the Amari favour power and control. Their influence and holdings extend across the known world.

Triolics – Warrior poets and philosophers, these noble soldiers are driven by intense passions.

Herement – These almost uniformly beautiful creatures are patrons of the arts in all its forms.

Cappadocians – Secretive and severe. Death is their constant companion, and they know it well.

Lasombra – These noble vampires have peered into the depths of the Abyss and have learnt its terrible secrets.

Tzimisce – Voivodes of the Carpathians, these nobles have embraced the sciences and secrets of the old world

The low Clans:
Nutha – Hideous and foul to behold, this clan are purveyors of information and knowledge. Many of the wisest lords heed the council of their ragged whispers.

Gangrel – The vast wilds are home to these masters of beasts. In the old nights, only a few places glow brightly with the light of civilization, and wherever it doesn’t, they are there.

Followers of Set – Believing to be the children of a God, these serpents are seducers and corruptors. Woe to those who have the misfortune of crossing their path.

Assamites – The Hassanshin – the smokers of Hashish is how they became known throughout the lands of Araby. From their hidden lair these silent killers carry out the wishes of those who have the coin.

Ravnos – Gypsies are everywhere. They roam the lands and carry with them the tales of their travels. They say there is honour among thieves, Some say it is so because they fear the Ravnos.

The Clans

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